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Welcome to Faidra’s on line Gallery.


Hagiography is an integral part of Orthodoxy. It is the art of the human hope. The actual products of hagiography are the icons, which constitute a heritage treasure destined to survive for centuries. The materials of hagiography are traditionally Byzantine. They include tempera powder colours, egg, 22 Carat Gold, woodcrafts, as well as other contemporary materials. Moreover, an icon can be depicted on various materials such as natural wood, aged wood, canvas, fabric, stone, and tile, always being careful not to alienate or distort the tradition.


You can order any art work you are interested in, painted on a material of your choice wood, MDF or canvas. In addition, you can choose the type of background you prefer from, 22 Carat Gold, Goldplated, or plain mural background. You can acquire your own unique, authentic, hadcrafted Byzantine art work.


Please choose one of the following galleries; proceed to the next or return to the previous work by using the arrows on the upper part of the screen; you can exit by clicking X on the upper-right part of the bar.

You can order and purchase any of the works in the galleries.


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Faidra Fotiadou

hand-crafted works of
Byzantine Art and Hagiography





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