Faidra Fotiadou - Authentic hand-crafted works of Art.


ImageFaidra Fotiadou was born and raised in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece), a city with  a Byzantine past.

The artist studied painting alongside the well known Thessalonian painter Christos Tyrekidis for several years. After a twelve year “journey”  in the world of colour and design, she decided to focus on Byzantine Art and Hagiography while studying under influential and inspiring teachers, the most significant of them, Ioannis Vranos. Through her studies she developed a great interest in Byzantine Art and Heritage; hence she enriched her knowledge by attending classes and becoming qualified in the maintenance of paintings and icons. 

Her works are a selection of unique designs of both schools of Hagiography, the Cretan and the Macedonian (Greek Macedonia – Northern Greece) school.

She currently lives and works in the city of her youth, a city which she loves and represents her character, participating to a plethora of individual and group exhibits both domestically and internationally.

A permanent exhibit is on view in the private “Gallery Cafe Faidra”, owned and operated by the artist in one of Thessaloniki’s oldest neighborhoods, Toumpa. Faidra is a board member of the “Painter’s Organisation  of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece”
Gallery έργων
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